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RD 60,125,200

  • Neutral Wire Isolator, HVC200116

    Neutral Wire Isolator Replace your old or missing neutral wire isolator Located under the L/H engine side cover Applications Fits all Yamaha 2 stroke twins 1970-1979, Yamaha RZ 84-85 Replacement for Original Yamaha PN 90480-01148-00, and...

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  • Oil Injection Cap Gasket, 90430-29114 , HVC20079-1

    Oil Injection Cap Gasket Gasket only Used with OIl Injection Cap HVC200179 Yamaha Part Numbers 90430-29114-00, 214-21772-00-00   1968 DT1 OIL TANK   1968 YAS1C OIL TANK   1968 YCS1 OIL TANK   1968 YCS1-YCSlC OIL...

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  • Oil Injection Fill Cap with Gasket, HVC20079

    Oil Injection Fill Cap with Gasket Includes Cap, Yamaha PN 214-21771-00-00 or, 1A0-21771-00-00 Gasket, Yamaha PN 90430-29114-00 Applications: All Yamaha RD's   1968 DT1 OIL TANK   1969 AT1E OIL TANK   1969 AT1M OIL...

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  • Oil Injection Line, 90445-05M07-00, HVC20060

    Oil Injection Line Replaces Yamaha part # 90445-05M07-00, 90445-05773-00, 214-13161-01-00, 90445-05301-00 Use clips with hvc20058 One line needed for the RD250, RD350, RD400, R5, DS7, and all DT's Two Lines needed for RZ350, RD350LC,...

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  • Universal Bushing, HVC20043, 90480-14023-00

    Universal Bushing This grommet is in a lot of places on Yamaha Motorcycles. Sold as each dont forget the metal bushing that fits inside this rubber bushing. HVC20043-1 Applications include: Rear fender (2) Batt box (1) Tool holder...

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  • Yamaha 4 Hole Petcock Seal 137-24523-00-00

    Petcock 4 Hole Seal  PN 137-24523-00-00 Petcock valve gasket (4 hole seal only) Applications: Petcocks PN 168-24500-02-00 & 360-24500-00-00 Yamaha RD250, RD350 73'-75' Yamaha RD125, RD200 74'-76' Yamaha R5, DS7  70'-72' Yamaha...

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  • Yamaha Battery Box Damper Kit, HVC20075

    Yamaha Battery Box Damper Kit Includes Bottom bumpers Yamaha PN 141-21717-00-00 X4 Grommet 90480-14023-00 X1 Applications DS7, R5 1970-1972 RD250, RD350 1973-1975 RD400 1976-1979 RD200 1974-1976 CS5 1972

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  • Yamaha Battery Vibration Band 1UA-82124-00-00, HVC20084

    Yamaha Battery Vibration Band 1UA-82124-00-00, HVC20084

    Battery Vibration Band Replace your old worn out band with a New One from HVCcycle! Fits around the battery to keep the battery tight inside the battery box. no longer available from Yamaha. New and improved reproduction part, Yamaha Original PN...

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