High Output Coil Installation Instructions on Yamaha RD's

Here is an example of the installation of the High Output Coils on a RD350. The RD400 will be similar.

This example was carried out on a bare frame to give a better view of the coil installation.



1. Remove the old coils, be sure to mark the orange and grey wires so they can be re-installed on the appropriate coil.

2. Install the supplied clamps using the fwd hole on the frame and the fwd hole on the bracket.  This will provide plenty of support for the coil.  Use the supplied bolt and one of the existing nuts and washers from the original coil.

3. Slide the coil into the bracket  so there is at least a .020inch clearance from the frame to the bottom of the coil. Clamp the coil into the bracket using the supplied hardware.

4. Before clamping position the terminals at 12 and 6 O-clock position with the positive (+) on top.

5. Reconnect  the wires. You can do this by either cutting the old wire terminals off and crimping on new ones, or you can make four small jumpers  using  B1, B2, and B24 terminal ends that are found on our electrical page.

The Red wires will attach to the Positive (+) terminal.

The grey and orange wires hook up to there respective  negative (-) terminal

6.Slide the coil wire caps and rubber grommet over the coil wires. Install the coil wire leads by  Screwing  and pushing in at the same time into the end of the coil..  Install and tighten the coil wire caps.

If you purchased new coil wires, measure and trim the wires before installing into the coils.