Badge Fitting Instructions


Our badges have been produced to replicate as closely as possible the original factory item in size, shape, color, and finish.  Most badges have been modified as required to fit as per OEM badges. However, due to slight shrinkage of the metal during the casting process, some badges may not exactly fit the fixing points.


Screw-on type Metal Tank Badges  These badges are easily stolen (just a screwdriver is required!), so this method actually improves security. Affix the badge using double-sided automotive adhesive tape (available from most auto stores) or silicone glue, ensuring the tape/glue is used only in the recess on the back of the badge. One screw can be used as normal, the other should have the thread removed and the head glued (epoxy or silicone glue) to the badge.


Push-in type Metal Tank Badges  It is recommended that the pins be used only as locators, and tape or glue used as above.


Screw-on Plastic Tank Badges  These badges are made from acrylic resin (like Perspex), injection molded exactly as per the OEM originals. Use a thread lock compound on the fixing screws, and tighten to ‘just firm’. Excessive tightening may cause cracking around the badge holes. Automotive paint polishes can be used on the exterior of plastic badges.


Side cover Badges  The side cover badge fixing holes may need to be extended slightly (inwards) with a small round file. Automotive tape or silicone glue may  be used to affix badges, with or without spring clips.


Bending to Shape  You may need to bend the metal badges to fit exactly.  Be very careful to bend no more than necessary, and use finger strength only.