1970 Bridgestone GTO350

This 1970 Bridgestone GTO350 Was delivered to HVCcycle in pieces. It took quite awhile to restore this bike due to the customer’s budget and the difficulty in finding parts. We first overhauled the engine including the crankshaft. Bridgestone was way before the times and the cylinders are 100% aluminum similar to modern Sport bikes. They had to be re-plated and sized to the pistons so we sent the cylinders off to Millennium Technologies for this service. After the engine, front forks and the body work was all complete the project sat for a good 2 years until the customer could come up with more funding for the project. Within that timeframe we messed with it on our slow times and managed to get a rolling chassis. In the summer of 2013 we were given the go ahead to finish the bike. It was a fun project with many challenges as they all are. We had to have a few parts re-made as they were not available but between the customer and some good parts sources we were able to locate everything we needed.

After the first start up we encountered a few problems such as oil leaks and items out of adjustment. After that was all squared away the test rides were in full swing. The GTO350 is a very pleasant to ride once you remember that the shift pattern is all down. It cruises down the road with ease, and it very comfortable due to its long wheel base. But with every restoration minor problems came up. A few more oil leaks from the transmission and the oil injection pump and it was running a bit rich. Once all the problems were taken care of the customer was called. The customer had not been on the Bridgestone since a kid so he had to get familiar with the bike. After that He roared off with a big smile and a trail of blue smoke.

Thanks Joe for the wonderful experience.

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