Wire Crimping Instructions

The instructions below are the courtesy of Oregon Motorcycle Parts.

Step 1- Strip the end of the wire that you are going to install
the terminal on.
Step 2 - Check that the length of wire sticking out of the
insulation is the right length and trim as needed.
Step 3 - squeeze in terminal a little so that it will fit better in the
crimper tool.  Don't over do it.
Step 4 - insert the terminal in the crimper so that the part you
are crimping is flush with the back of the tool.  

Also make sure the other end of the terminal isn't going to be
damaged when you crimp.
Step 5 - Squeeze with all your might...
Step 6 - Move the terminal to the rear slot in the tool with the
back of the terminal flush with the tool.
Step 7 - Squeeze with all your might...
Step 8 - Take the terminal out of the tool and it should look
like this.