Kawasaki A7SS Avenger 1969

1969 Kawasaki A7SS Avenger Partial restoration

We restored around 80% of this motorcycle.  The customer (Peter) wanted the original paint on the tank and side covers and the Chrome as much as possible.

Peter called us in September or October of 2020 inquiring about our restoration services, We met Peter in St Paul Minnesota on a cold February day of 2021 and picked up the bikes.  Finally in June of 2023, the bike was delivered back to the Peter in Northern Minnesota.

This was a very challenging motorcycle to restore. Parts for this bike were very hard to come by.  Luckily Peter had a regular A7 low pipe model we were able to scrounge some parts from. The seat foam and cover came from Bob Dillingham of Morretti Seats in the UK, unfortunately Bob suffered a stroke shortly after we received it. The transmission is built using 3 different transmission sets,  Shift forks we used are modified Kawasaki H2 Shift forks. Rims and spokes are from Central wheel components in the UK and laced to the polished hubs.  The exhaust guards were cracked out around 60% of the mounting holes, We repaired them in house and they are actually powder coated in the chrome finish thanks to CrossLinc Custom Coatings.   The Frame, other gloss black parts and Engine side covers were also powder coated be CrossLinc.  After numerous test rides and carb adjustments, The old Avenger is running good. Peter let me use the bike for The 2023 Distinguished Gentleman's Ride, as the only 2Stroke present, the Avenger stood out quite nicely.   The event was mentioned on Lincoln's local news channel 10/11 Now.