Kawasaki H1-H2 Oil Injection Pumps

Here is a Email I received from a good customer on the H1/H2 oil injection pump.  Thanks Greg

Almost all H1,2 oil pumps will need the cam oil seal replaced. The cam is only held in the bore by the seal. If you attempt to remove the cam (pulling out of the bore) the piston has a C shaped machined end, one lip of the piston can stick out just enough to scrape the cam pivot shoulder and restrict its removal. It leaves a nice score once you get it out. No problem, just dress score with a very fine file and 1000g wet/.dry paper. To eliminate this issue before disassembly, use a small punch or screwdriver and lightly tap the piston inwards towards the back of the bore. It moves just enough to clear the cam end. Once the cam is out, remove old seal, clean cam, dress all rotating surfaces with 1000g, clean again, lube with injector oil, replace seal (check for seal twist as it slips over the cam and into place), lube again, then re-assemble.