HVCcycle was founded in the spring of 2004 by Brad Obidowski out of the dire need for parts and good customer service for a 1974 Yamaha RD350. Run from Brad’s home basement and garage, HVCcycle began as a part-time business, repairing local bikes and selling parts on eBay. A starter website was added in the first six months.

In January 2006, Brad left his full-time job as an A&P mechanic, moved HVCcycle to a 3000 sq. ft. commercial building and hired two full-time employees to keep up with the demand for parts and restoration services for vintage motorcycles. With help from the US Department of Veteran Affairs (The VA), Brad was able to fund the expansion into a full-blown motorcycle service shop.   HVCcycle was now able to offer service and repairs on most makes of motorcycles, scooters and ATV’s but still concentrated on the vintage 2-stroke street bike market.  In January 2009, HVCcycle moved 200 yards away to a larger and better location. It took only eight more months for HVCcycle to expand once again to its current size.

2014 HVCcycle purchased the cylinder head division of a small company called OTTOCO.  Expanding our line of performance Vintage 2-stroke parts HVCcycle now offers performance cylinder heads for the Yamaha R5, DS7, RD3250, RD350 and RD400. 

Spring of 2016 HVCcycle took the next step and started to offer New and Used motorcycles. Recognizing the need for a good Midwest trials shop HVCcycle welcomed  Sherco and Scorpa Trials bikes and later TRS trials motorcycles and GASGAS.  HVCcycle also started selling Ural sidecar motorcycles, and Zero electric motorcycles.  We have also started to support the local Trials community.

2020  Quite a few things have changed. We no longer carry Sherco, Scorpa or GASGAS, Both companies changed ownership.  We decided not to continue with Sherco and KTM (GASGAS) was not interested in a smaller Motorcycle shop. We now carry Genuine Scooters and motorcycles to fill the need for lower priced options in the Lincoln area.  We also started to carry Rieju (REE EH WHO) Off Road motorcycles and Electric Motion Trials bikes.  

HVCcycle is currently located in a 7200 sq. ft. facility on the west side of Lincoln, Nebraska. The shop features a 1000 sq. ft. showroom, parts department, service restoration shop and a small manufacturing area where our HVCcycle performance exhaust are made. HVCcycle currently has four  employees in addition to Brad. We still specialize in vintage 2-stroke twins and continue to add more reproduction vintage parts to our inventory.

Our goal is to provide great parts and great customer service at fair prices. With time, we have been slowly branching out to offer more parts and services for a wider variety of motorcycles. Thank you to everyone who has supported HVCcycle in the past and present and we look forward to working with all of our customers, old and new, in the future.