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Individual Yamaha Gaskets

  • Original Yamaha O-ring Reproduction O-ring

    Neutral Switch O-Ring, 93210-29196-00

    Neutral Switch O-Ring Select from Original Yamaha Part, Orange or Our HVCcycle Reproduction o-ring. Applications: R5, DS6/DS7 all RD 250/350 all RD400  all RD250LC, RD350LC RZ3350, RD350YPVS Many more Yamaha's  

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  • Oil Injection Pump Block Off Plate HVC200111

    Oil Injection Pump Block Off Plate Use this kit when you remove the oil injection pump to run Pre-mix. Block off plate is made from 0.080 inch aluminum that has been laser cut to the exact size of the oil pump mating surface. Includes the Plate and...

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  • RD Tachometer Drive Reseal Kit

    RD Tachometer Drive Reseal Kit Reseal your leaking tachometer drive housing on the engine case Kit includes 2 O-rings OEM P/N 93210-13016-00 & 93210-07100-00 Application:  R5, DS7, RD250, 350, 400 ('70-'79)

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  • Three Bond 1184

    Three Bond 1184 A Synthetic rubber that is semi-drying, visco-elastic sealer which is resistant to oil. water, gasoline, and chemicals. Ideal for use in sealing  transmission cases and side covers. 3.5oz tube

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  • Three Bond 1211

    Three Bond 1211 A primary silicone rubber that is perfect for sealing complex three-point surfaces. It is 100% effective over a wide temperature range, -60º C to 120º C. 3.5 oz. tube

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  • Yamaha Oil Drain Plug Gasket, 4F4-14766-00-00

    Oil Drain Plug Gasket ID 14.5mm OD 21mm Use on either the drain plug or the shift tension bolt, Used on many Yamaha Models, For the  14mm Drain Plug Original Yamaha part number was 137-15353-00-00, replaced by 4F4-14766-00-00 ...

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  • Yamaha Oil Pump Gasket

    Yamaha Oil Pump Gasket  Most of our Engine gasket kits are Vesrah. Individual Gaskets are OEM. Hundreds of gaskets kits available, please call if your application is not listed Applications: Yamaha RD 250 73-75 DS7 RD350...

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