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Gasket Material

Make your own Gasket.


    BULK GASKET MATERIAL PART #s 0934-2197 and 0934-2198 feature cork gasket material recommended for all oil applications Perfect for making your own gaskets including transmission covers, timing covers, oil pans and intake Delivers excellent...

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    POWERSPORTS ALL-GASKET, GASKET MATERIAL 2PACK Comes with two sheets of gasket material - 1/32” (.032”) thick x 11.5” wide x 15.5” long Material is premium compressed sheet, manufactured with aramid and other synthetic...

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  • Three Bond 1211

    Three Bond 1211 A primary silicone rubber that is perfect for sealing complex three-point surfaces. It is 100% effective over a wide temperature range, -60º C to 120º C. 3.5 oz. tube

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