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Clutch Parts

Clutch Parts, Bolts, Springs, Lock Tabs.

  • Clutch Actuator Ball, 93505-16006-00

    Clutch Actuator Ball 8mm Chrome Hardened Steel. Used on Many Yamaha's from 1966- to the present All Yamaha RD's 1970-1982 Too many applications to list For the vintage Yamaha's this fits between the clutch push rod and the clutch plunger...

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  • Gear Jammer, Motion Pro 08-0427

    Gear Jammer, Motion Pro 08-0427

    GearJammer Locks gears in place for easy installation and removal Allows tightening lock nuts to proper torque setting Works on virtually any motor Powerful magnet holds tool in place during use Billet 6061 T-6 aluminum construction Blue...

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  • Kawasaki Triple Clutch Springs, CSK7

    Kawasaki Triples and more clutch Springs CSK CLUTCH SPRING SETS Sold in engine sets It is recommended you replace springs when changing clutch plates EBC springs are 10% stiffer than stock Applications KawasakiTriples H1 all h2 all Also...

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  • Yamaha Clutch Actuator Spring, 90506-10069-00

    Clutch Actuator Retun Spring HVCcycle Reproduction Part common worn item Original Yamaha PN 360-16345-00-00 Applications: 1973 RD250 CLUTCH 1973 RD350 CLUTCH 1973 TX750 CLUTCH 1974 RD250A CLUTCH 1974 RD350A CLUTCH 1974 TX750A CLUTCH 1975...

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  • Yamaha Clutch Bolts, 90149-05147-00

    Clutch Bolt, Set of 6 A great replacement for the original philips head style clutch bolts That strip out easily. Accepts a 5mm allen wrench or hex tip. Original Yamaha bolts are no longer available. This is a high quality upgraded reproduction...

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  • Yamaha Clutch Spring 90501-20123-00, 90501-20361-00

    Clutch Springs Sold each. Yamaha OEM Spring. Original Yamaha PN 90501-20361-00, also 90501-20123-00   Applications: DT125C - 1976 DT175C - 1976 DT2MX - 1972 IT175D - 1977 IT175E - 1978 IT175F - 1979 IT175G - 1980 IT175H - 1981 IT175J - 1982...

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  • Yamaha Clutch Spring, 90501-20125-00 or 137-16333-00-00

    Yamaha Clutch Springs Sold as each. 6 required for many models Original Yamaha Part Number 137-16333-00-00 superceded to  90501-20122-00 and 90501-20125-00, 90501-20124-60,00 Fits Many Vintage Yamaha Motorcycles, see applications below...

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