Yamaha RD350 RD400 suspension

Yamaha RD350 RD400 suspension

Posted by Brad Obidowski on 25th May 2022

Suspension on the RD's was never the best, usually by the time we pick up an RD the suspension is worn out.

I have been riding RD's for years now and there are a few key components that will always make an RD ride and handle great.

For starters, the swing arm bushings wear out causing a side-to-side sway, this can be felt in the corners quite a bit. Replacing the original bushings with our high-quality brass and stainless-steel inners will do the job. Remember the brass bushings are designed to be pressed in, not pounded. there is an interference fit and the inner ID will get smaller when installed. We always suggest freezing the bushings before installing. And once again never use a hammer to pound the bushing in. If you pound them in, it will distort the bushing and the inner will not fit into the bushing.

After the swing arm is nice and tight. a good set of new shocks are in order. the bushings also wear out on shocks. the fluid has been hot and cold so many times it has broken down and lost its effectiveness. We offer Reproduction replacements, Hagon shocks and also Race Tech G3 shocks.

The Forks are more important than you think. If your over 170lbs, plan ok a good set of springs. The best set up for the front forks that we like is installing the RaceTech Gold Valves and matching up with a set of RaceTech springs for your weight. This allows for aggressive braking even while cornering.

HVCcycle offers Fork overhaul service if you are not mechanical savvy.

Enjoy your ride