Mikes RD400, Chappy Red Delight.

Mikes RD400, Chappy Red Delight.

Posted by Brad Obidowski on 31st May 2022

Receiving Emails from customers showing us there completed bikes is always exciting..  Here is Mike 1977 RD400 looks amazing.  Here is the Email we received.

Here's the finished product. You guys did the motor back in 2014/15 for Garth Dennis. I bought it from him 3 months ago and went back through the frame and suspension, tires, etc small parts. "Mika" is simply spectacular now, 3925 total original miles, and almost all original.

Her backstory is cool - sold in Boston in 1977, original owner put 2800 miles on her and crated her in 1983 for a move to Oregon. For some unknown reason she then stayed in the crate until he died in 2013. 30 years crated!!! Owner 2 bought her and did a full restore, then put 1100 miles on her in 10 years. I bought her May 2, 2022, and spent a month detailing, adjusting, lubing, etc. She's as close to perfect and original as I could make her. She will stay like that and I will never sell her.