Cool Retro motorcycle  tables

Cool Retro motorcycle tables

Posted by Brad Obidowski on 12th Feb 2018

What do you do when you need a table for your beer in the Man Cave?

Well any gear head with a welder, a tape measure, and some old motorcycle parts know that anything you can buy will just not be cool enough.

After thinking about this and three or more beers later a plan was devised in my small coconut.  I pulled out four old 18 inch rims and noticed some left over 2-stroke expansion chamber stamps would work great as the supports.

Fired up the good old miller welder and started tacking. I later added a sprocket on one and a disc to add some support and to eliminate the twisting action. They also work great as a magazine shelf.

I called the local glass shop and they cut me two pieces of tinted glass that fit right into the rim and set nicely on the spoke drop. 

I dropped the tables off to my favorite Powder coating shop, CrossLinc Custom Coatings and decided on a nice pewter with some texture.  

Very happy the way they came out and the tables are always a good conversation piece.