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TRS Trials Bikes



HVCcycle is the Midwest TRS dealer. We believe in supporting the brands we sell and are just a phone call  away for parts, service, and TRS motorcycles.


Due to the high demand and Importing delays due to Covid 19 we rarely have models on the floor to sell.

Here is a list of TRS Motorcycles coming in November and December that are not Pre-sold.

A $750.00 Deposit will Guarantee  you a  new TRS from this list.

Nest shipments arrive in the USA April or May  

2021 TRS Motorcycles Available (not sold yet)
Month Model Price
IN STOCK TRS One R 125 $7600.00
SOLD TRS XTrack 250 Electric Start $8600.00
IN STOCK TRS One R 300 Electric Start $8649.00
December TRS One R 250 Electric Start $8649.00
December TRRS RR 250 Electric Start $9549.00
December TRRS RR 300 Electric Start $9549.00


Pre-orders for April are welcome.


2021 Pricing

TRRS RR 125cc*, 250cc, 280cc*,300cc

Kickstart $9049.00  (includes destination and setup)

Electric Start $9549.00 (includes destination and setup)


TRS One R 250cc, 300cc 

Kickstart $ $8149.00  (includes destination and setup) 

Electric Start $8649.00 (includes destination and setup)


TRS XTrack 250cc, 300cc

Electric Start $ 8600.00 (includes destination and setup)



*special order required on 125cc and 280cc



2020 TRS RR













TRS USA YouTube Channel




*Sales Tax not included, Destination charge of $350.00 from the USA warehouse to HVCcycle is included in our pricing. Specifications and prices are subject to change without notice. - 125cc and 280cc TRS RR models are special order only. 



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