Torrot Kids Motorcycles


Next Generation Electric Motocross and Trial Bikes for Kids


The Torrot KIDS lineup is made up of ideal motorcycles for the perfect introduction to riding.

Quiet, easy to ride, and hassle-free to maintain, Torrot KIDS bikes boast extremely high passive safety standards that place a premium on fun and learning.



As Junior continues to grow, MOTOCROSS TWO is a great choice to grow along with him.

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MOTOCROSS ONE is the ideal first step to get your Little Ripper into the dirt.

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High-Quality Components

Unlike some of our competitors, our Torrot KIDS models use high-quality, motorcycle-specific components; there’s no adapted bicycle parts being used for the brakes or suspension. In addition, all of our models use our 48v brushless motor, regardless of size. This allows for better performance and run time. The motor is mounted in the same traditional location as a gas-powered motorcycle, which offers better balance and handling than swingarm-mounted designs.


New Quick-Change Battery

The new battery design is quick and easy to remove from the bike, and it can now be charged separately from the motorcycle. This means it’s now possible to have multiple batteries, with one being used to power your Little Ripper’s adventure while the other is charging. Manufactured from LiMnCo, these new batteries offer lower weight and greater power and range than previous versions.


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